Located at VoxWalk in Vibes in Cryptovoxels, ground floor.

wv grand opening.JPG

Visit our main showroom in Origin City in Cryptovoxels, located at 18 Stitch Road in Doom, just 252m from the center.

showroom image - no bkgr.JPG

Visit our pop-up store on the island of Poneke in Cryptovoxels, located at House of Decentricity, 3rd floor.

House of Decentricity.JPG

Visit us at Decentraland about as close to Genesis Plaza as you can get:  just head due south to 5, -18.        (link works on browser, not mobile)

deceentraland property.JPG

Come see our flagship location in Substrata.  Substrata requires an app download to get in the world - but it's worth it.  This is our best location and it showcases the entirety of what we do.  Visit https://www.substrata.info and look for us near the main square.